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High-performance driver education (HPDE) provides the driving enthusiast with an opportunity to experience performance driving in a controlled environment. It is designed so that you can improve your driving abilities and acquire a better understanding of vehicle dynamics. These events are strictly educational and are not competitive.

As a novice, you will be assigned a very experienced instructor to ride in your passenger seat for the day. You will receive some classroom instruction throughout the day. During classroom instruction you will learn the meaning of the different color flags, concepts of the 3-step turn, passing zones, and safety procedures.

All passing is done on the straights and with point-bys only, as this makes for a very safe and non-competitive environment. You will become more confident and safety oriented as you learn to properly handle your vehicle.


For the novice group all you need is your Porsche, a helmet rated Snell 2015 or newer, and yourself (at least 18 years of age). You are required to wear a long sleeve shirt and long pants made of natural fiber. Thin, flat-soled shoes will work just fine. Please make sure you empty all contents in your car and make sure items like your spare tire and battery are properly bolted down.

If your car is a convertible it must have a roll bar and pass the broomstick rule, which means the top of the driver's helmet must be below a line drawn from the top of the windshield to the top of the roll bar. It is your responsibility to have your assigned car number displayed on each side of your car. The numbers should be at least 4 inches tall. For the first timers, shoe polish works fine on the glass of your car. As we see you more at the track, we will require you to install a fire extinguisher.

All participants must have a properly filled out and signed tech inspection form. Upon arriving at the track, you must bring your car to the trackside tech line and turn in your tech form.

Enjoy your day at the track and remember: Safety first!

More Information

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